Prepare Classrooms
for Emergencies, Field Trips, or anytime they're "on the go"!

Be Prepared For:

  • Emergency Lockdowns
  • School Evacuations
  • Field Trips
  • Recess & Outdoor Activities

Edu-Care Classroom Go-Kits are:

  • Proven - Used in schools across the country.
  • Versatile - Supplies for emergency & non-emergency situation.
  • Compliance - Supports emergency preparedness plans.
  • Affordable - Can be purchased for each classroom.
  • Customizable - To meet school needs and budgets. Custom imprints are available on the back pack.
  • More complete than first aid kits.
  • More transportable than “bucket kits”.

Why Go-Kits?

The “Go-Kit” Concept is recommended by school safety advocates to support the classroom preparedness phase of an emergency management plan. Also known as emergency kits or ready bags,

Maintaining a safe and secure educational environment is a priority of school boards, administrators, teachers, support staff and parents. In many cases a teacher is the immediate person responsible for student safety and is typically the first person to deal with students in any major or minor incident.

Providing teachers with critical emergency supplies that are readily accessible is an vital part of being prepared. Edu-Care Services, Inc. has designed a “Go-Kit” to be used specifically by teachers.

Supports Both Teachers & Students Convenient & Easily Transportable Versatile & Customizable

Go-Kit Contents & Details

What Customers Are Saying...

  • Supports the goals of our emergency preparedness training. (PA)
  • We require the kits accompany teachers anytime the class is out of the building. (VA)
  • Our goal is to have one in every classroom. (TX)

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